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Roland EGX 20
Desktop Engraver A5 2D & 2.5D

Easy To Operate
The most portable engraving machine in the Roland line, the uncomplicated design of the EGX-20 makes it remarkably easy to operate, allowing you to achieve consistently beautiful results with less learning time and minimal waste. Thanks to its intuitive joystick and dial controls, operation is uncomplicated for both novices and experienced professionals. The joystick controls the X, Y and Z axes for smooth, accurate engraving.

Active Surface Tracking System (AST)
Among the most revolutionary of the EGX-20's features is its Automatic Surface Tracking System (AST), which detects the height of the material to ensure engraving at a consistent depth, even on bowed or non-uniform surfaces. Unlike systems that can take extensive trial and error to learn, AST makes setting the origin point and cutting depth effortless. Now you can produce consistently beautiful results with less learning time and minimal waste materials.

Supports a Variety of Materials
Unlike other portable engraving machines, the EGX-20 is equipped with 15,000-rpm spindle that is powerful enough to engrave a wide variety of popular materials, including acrylics, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate and wood. With the optional diamond scraper and burnishing attachment, you can also scribe light metals, such as aluminum and brass for awards. Securing the material to the worktable is easy with the included adhesive sheet. To get started, simply select the engravable material using the software included with the machine, and the EGX-20 automatically determines the optimum cutting speed and tool path, assuring smooth, accurate results.

Roland EGX 30 A
Desktop Engraver A4 2D

Easy Operation
The EGX-30A makes engraving easy. Simply use the bundled Dr. Engrave software to design your badge, nameplate or plaque and generate the engraving path. Then, with a push of a button, the desktop device automatically detects the material’s thickness when the tip of the nose guard touches the surface. While engraving, you can effortlessly adjust the feed rate and spindle rpm by simply turning the knob located on the control panel.

High Speed Performance
Powered by an advanced DC brushless motor, the EGX-30A delivers the fastest production speeds in its class. Whether you are personalizing gifts and awards or creating custom rhinestone apparel, more speed ultimately translates into more profits. Check out how long it took to produce the files below!

Compact Performer

Say good riddance to that old pantograph machine! The EGX-30A’s low profile, small footprint and quiet operation make it the perfect desktop engraving device for any office, shop or even home. Yet, its 12-by-8-inch work area and industry-standard 0.125-inch diameter spindle provide professional-grade precision and performance.

The EGX-30A makes it fast and easy to engrave wide variety of materials. The desktop device handles light metals such as brass, aluminum and copper for diamond scribing great looking trophy plates. It also engraves plastics for producing professional looking badges, nameplates, key rings and luggage tags.